There's no playbook for being a founding CEO.

Founders are special individuals. You see a problem in the world that needs to be fixed. You have a unique vision and determination to change the status quo. And you build the product - and then a business - to do just that.

And that’s where the CEO responsibilities come in.

Many founders are first time CEOs. There is no CEO school to learn all of the things necessary to run a growing company. And we don’t recommend you scale yourself following the advice on Twitter.

We've sat in your chair.

We are former founders, multiple time CEOs and operators of early stage, venture-backed software companies.

Collectively, our businesses have generated hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue, served tens of thousands of customers, have employed thousands of people and raised dozens of rounds of angel and venture capital.

We’ve seen it all.  We’ve been through multiple boom and bust cycles.  We’ve scaled through hypergrowth and downsized to survive.  We’ve built high performing teams and made our fair share of bad hires.  We’ve bought and sold companies, and led teams both home and abroad.  We have so many stories we could write a book (and still may).

Point being, we uniquely understand what you are facing.

Our approach is different and better.

Unlike executive coaches or CEO peer groups, we believe our advantage comes in three distinct ways:


Operators helping Operators.

CEOs only get the hardest problems to solve. The perspective we add is based on real-world experiences, not from theory or passive observation. We have battle-tested decision making frameworks that apply to any situation.


We take a Team approach.

When you work with one of us, you are really working with the entire partnership. We tap the collective wisdom of the partner group - including our deep network of functional experts - to address your most pressing needs.


Our sleeves are always rolled up.

We can scale from the strategic to the tactical with ease. We come from the trenches and can go deep quickly on most any business topic. If a situation arises where you need us to get on the field with you, we have that ability.

How can we help you? Book a free 30 minute call.

We meet you where you are, take you where you need to go.

While there is no cookie cutter approach to how we can add value, the categories of engagements we have most recently worked on include:


CEO Advisory

In an ongoing engagement, we help you navigate the daily opportunities and challenges you are facing in your growing business. Think of us as a sounding board, a safe space to ask questions, a co-pilot to help work through - not just think through - big decisions.


Interim Leadership

Sometimes the biggest way we can help a CEO is to fill a gap on the leadership team or in the organization. Our engagements have included fractional, interim and project based assignments. As former operators, we can ramp up quickly and accomplish the task at hand with minimal direction and drama.


Independent Director

Adding operational experience at the board level elevates and amplifies the impact of that team. We’ve served as independent directors and added a unique voice and perspective to the board room (or board Zoom).

Don’t take our word for it.

Here are a few of the people we’ve worked with over the years and the impact we’ve had on them and their business.


Arena Partners played a pivotal role in our company's rapid growth and expansion. As our CEO Advisors, they provided invaluable guidance and strategic insights that allowed us to navigate complex challenges and make informed decisions. Their expertise in scaling technology startups helped us streamline our operations, optimize our resources, and achieve remarkable results.

Greg Franklin
CEO, Xymox Inc.

Arena Partners brought a fresh perspective and innovative solutions to our biggest strategic problems. As our CEO Advisors, they thoroughly analyzed our business model, market dynamics, and competitive landscape. Their strategic recommendations were nothing short of game-changing. With their insights, we were able to identify new revenue streams, pivot our product offerings, and gain a competitive edge in the market

Bill Smith
CEO, XYZ Company

We were at a crossroads in our company's journey, facing significant challenges that required immediate attention. Arena Partners stepped in as our trusted CEO Advisors and helped us navigate through the storm. With their guidance, we developed a comprehensive roadmap to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities. Their hands-on approach in problem-solving, combined with their vast industry experience, allowed us to make informed decisions and execute effective strategies.

Sally Jones
Founder, ABC Company

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