Practice makes perfect.

We offer two different types of help

New to Board Meetings

The first, is primarily geared towards those CEOs who don’t have a ton, or maybe any,  board experience.  We put you through a board meeting dry run where you go through all the steps with a real audience of investors and former CEOs who can give you candid real time feedback so that you don’t have to worry about practicing on your own investors.  Think of it like batting practice.  You get a chance to practice before going into the game where the stakes are higher.

How it Works:

01Read our Board Meeting Strategies that work and complete the checklist

02Send us your board deck and materials

03Schedule your board meeting scrimmage when it works best for you

04Go through a dry run live over 75 minutes with three of our CEOs/investors

05Get candid real time and written feedback and suggestions

PRICE: $1500 for Forum VC backed companies

Board Management Coaching

The second, can be for both the first time CEO all the way to the multi time well seasoned CEO.  When you run into issues that deal with the inter personal aspects of a board – investors that cannot agree or become apathetic, problems with co-founders not scaling, asking board members to step down, overly controlling board members, pivot or double down, strategic direction disagreements and so many other situations,  You may want a group of people who have been there and know what it’s like to help you think through and work through the various scenarios and options.  Doing this in real time with your own board or your exec staff is like playing with live ammunition.  Let us act as that sounding board and advisor that may be able to help you think through those difficult situations.

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